Monday, June 8, 2009

A Filmmaker's Reflection

What I learned about documentaries is that they actually show you a message or a story, before I used to think that a documentary was like to play some kind of movie and just make it all up, but now I have learned that a documentary is good for like learning different kinds of stuff that goes on in the world.

In my documentary group we are working on showing people the damage garbage does to the earth and how recycling can do a big change and also keep it safe and clean.

I hope I persuade people in a way that will make them change their mind and take action! because if we want to make a change we all have to become one and to action.

When people watch my documentary and my site I want them to feel the same knowledge I had after working so hard on the documentary.

I think any kid can inspire to change the world because no matter how old or big they are they have the right and power to make a change and inspire others.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Thesis of my documentary

The social issue i am addressing is how the garbage we throw on the floor affect most animals, The message is that if we throw garbage on the floor outside any animal that passes by and eats out of it after it been there for a long time and the animal gets sick and probably dies.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Introoduction to documentarys

I think that to make this documentary they had to get the actors, and think about where the setting was gonna be. The work that was put in this media was acting, and great speaking.
Some ingredients or elements that I noticed were used in this documentary was the music was kinda scary at first and it changed to sad when he was about to commit suicide. Also that the color changed through the way of his feelings.

My favorite part was when they added color, because that made it seemed like if you could tell what his emotion for the whole media was.

If i were to make this media what i would do differently is like i get better actors that make it seem real and not too much of an exaggeration.

My response is differently because this was convincing but in a exaggerated way.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

book club critic

The book called Anne Frank is about a girl that spent the rest of her life in a attic, and always has her diary that she calls "kitty" and always has it with her and writes about what happened in her daily life. When she was 13 years old the nazis went to Holland and she saw awful things happen to her friends and people, which was a bad thing for her and she always had to be hidden from them for something bad not to happen to her.

I can connect this book to the book about the "atomic bomb" that i read with ms.johns, because it's kind of the same situation but tome it's worst than Anne Frank's. I can also connect Anne Frank to some teenagers from every where in the world because teenagers are sometimes acting all sneaky to go to parties and getting grounded.

I think that the most boring part of the book was when she was describing the house, i know it's helpful to the reader to know how the house look, but she described the WHOLE house in such a boring way like for example she could've say "the bathroom,where everyday STINKS" instead of "the white bathroom, which has this kind of curtains..wood floor...ect" because it's teens who are reading it and most teens like at least something to laugh about. My reaction of when i read this part of the book was like "wow!" i read about four pages just of her house, and all she tells me is the type of stuff.
I think you may like to read the book to learn how she died which was really awful, but in my own opinion i would say a teenager shouldn't read it because they will say it's BORING.

The part that was unbelievable was how she died and she was fourteen. I know people can die at any age but she was so young and that is sometime that i don't see everyday or read about everyday, and it's also sad cause her life was really sad and then she died so young when there were still so much to discover.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Book club reading response menu

If i were to spend a the day with a character from the book Anne Frank is Anne because from her i think i can get more experience because she was kind of my age when she wrote her diary, and also died. I would like the day to be like a spring weather and have a all the flowers bloomed. If i visited Anne's world i think it would be different if she visited mine because right now we don't have people like the Nazis (that wants to kill Jewish families.)

If i could ask Anne something it would be like "how could you stand to watch people kill others in front of you?" and things like that because one day i can have a smilier happening to me and by what she tells me i can do the same and not be affected well try not to be affected by what can happens.